FT-817ND & bhi DSP Noise Cancellation

The bhi DSP Noise Cancellation kit for the Yaesu FT-817ND is really a great addition to this well known popular transceiver on the market. The DSP works at the audio stage, not at the IF stage like most modern transceiver today. But, like the Elecraft K2, the DSP at the audio stage could also add an excellent … Continue reading FT-817ND & bhi DSP Noise Cancellation

New QRP Radio from LNR Precisions

We will be able to see a brand new addition from LNR Precision at the FDIM and the Hamvention events this year ! A great addition from this company. A direct conversion transceiver.     The new LD-11 is Digital Direct Conversion, SDR type, build-in CPU (SM32a) DSP radio in which RF signals are directly … Continue reading New QRP Radio from LNR Precisions