RFinder M1 *update* from Bob W2CYK

A message from Bob W2CYK as of January 10th 2018 published on the Facegroup page. RFinder Android Radio Quick Start I am Bob W2CYK and thanks for purchasing the RFinder Android Radio. The RFinder Android Radio is a new paradigm in radio technology. It is based on the Android operating system and therefore is a … Continue reading RFinder M1 *update* from Bob W2CYK

RFinder M1 Android/DMR/LTE [part 2]

The RFinder M1 uses a USB cable with a special propietary connector to charge and to communicate with a PC.  The cable that comes in the box with M1 is the one that hold itself securely on M1 using a small thumb screw, like we could see very often on business grade handheld like a … Continue reading RFinder M1 Android/DMR/LTE [part 2]