Happy summer break!


I would like to wish to all of you a great summer! Have fun and take care. I will be back after my summer vacation at the end of August with more great news!

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Jeff | VA2SS

Leaving Dayton 2017 Hamvention

I had a great time again this year. I traveled this year with my two friends, Guy VE2BWL and Mario VA2EK, who was celebrating his 10th anniversary as a ham. 

The FDIM event was again this year a great opportunity for a get together with friendly people sharing many similar aspects of this great hobby… QRP, building projects, etc.  The conferences was generally interesting, especially the conference on the magloop antenna experience that brought a lot of discussion after the presentation with a few hams, especially with a friend of mine Milt W8NUE, who was very grateful with his clear and interesting explanation. 

The new location for the Hamvention was very well welcome this year. Hopefully, we did not get too much bad weather for that time of the year in the mid-west. Many food concessions were there, a lot more than in Hara location. Becoming familiar again with the new location, buildings and surrounding area was not an issue. Many vendors sharing similitudes were in the same area. I really enjoy this new location. Some aspects will be hopefully revised for later and years to come. 

Again this year, many vendors missed some good opportunities if they were having more stocks. But I have to admit that it is sometime difficult for them to predict which piece of equipment will be a hit during this event, other than new products of course. I saw many interesting pieces of equipment. The SDR world is getting more and more interesting and omnipresent in the ham radio world. I found only a few new items related to QRP and portable ops.  

I’m already planning to get there next year, again. ūüėĀ

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS

Countdown to 2017 Hamvention!

Join us and meet a lot of friends at the 2017 Hamvention !!!


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We will post pictures, comments and all many interesting things related to our great hobby on our Twitter channel! For all fellow hams who will travel, please be careful and take care!

Stay tuned everybody!

Best 73 de Jeff | VA2SS

Merry Christmas to all!

Everybody, have a Great Holiday with your family and friends!

Always take a special care when you are travelling. Also, have fun with your new toys, for many of us who received gifts from Santa! Hi Hiiiiiiiiii ‚ÄľÔłŹūüéČ 

Santa has been generous with me this year… again! A brand new Elecraft K3S and a P3!

Best wishes and 73 de Jeff | VA2SS 

Happy summer break!


I would like to wish to all of you a great summer! Have fun and take care. I will be back after my summer vacation at the end of August with more great news!

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Stay tuned!


Jeff | VA2SS

FDIM…. It starts tonight!

After a great dinner at the Texas Roadhouse will be the meeting time. Grab the ticket and all the goodies at the FDIM. A place to meet new friends… Or old ones…

Hope to meet all lot of enthusiastic hams there…. And be ready for the conferences day tomorrow and the vendors evening.

Stay tuned guys.


Jeff | VA2SS

En route to Dayton!

I’m actually waiting for my flight to Cincinnati at the Chicago airport. Many new gears will the presented at the Hamvention again this year. I received a few emails earlier this week from friends about new products in the Digital world of D-Star and Fusion, also Elecraft with their KX2 that I saw their final prototype earlier this week. 

I will post more on my Twitter account. So follow me at @va2ss

A great FDIM and Hamvention to all who will attend.


Jeff | VA2SS

Dayton Hamvention and FDIM

Hi guys,

I will attend to the FDIM (Four Days In May) and the Hamvention again this year. I invite all of you to follow me on my Twitter account @VA2SS. I will, from time to time, post news on cool products with pictures, and even sometimes with videos.

I will also try to be “On Air and Live” a few times during these 2 events using Periscope, a Twitter application running on iPhone IOS or Google Android.

Stay tuned and best 73!

Jeff | VA2SS


qrparci_350I will attend on May 18th – 22nd for the second time the Four Days In May event held by the QRP ARCI – American Radio Club International. A nice event to meet friends that have something particular in common… working QRP.

Again this year, the schedule is quite interesting. Thursday will be the conferences day. Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ from Elecraft will do the first conference. Last year, Eric was also invited to do the 1st conference when he finally announced a new K3S!

Many other interesting conferences will be held that day from 8 a.m. thru 5 p.m.

Here the schedule (may change without notice)

‚óĺOpening Address (8.15am)¬†
‚óĺEric Swartz, WA6HHQ (8.20am) Elecraft
‚óĺScott Cowling, WA2DFI (9.00am) WSPR and the Raspberry Pi
‚óĺGuy Hamblen, N7UN (10.00am) Summits On The Air ‘Ham Radio with Altitude’
‚óĺPaul Darlington, M0XPD (11.15am) Occam’s Scrip – the minimalist measurement mindset
‚óĺMike Bryce, WB8VGE (2.00pm) Troubleshooting and Repair Techniques
‚óĺGrayson Evans, TA2ZGE/KJ7UM (3.15pm)
‚óĺRex Harper, W1REX (4.15pm) The Worlds’ Biggest Buildathon

Many other activities will also be held on Thursday and Friday nights. The famous “vendors evening” on Thursday. People¬†will be able¬†see and buy, before the Hamvention, all kind of products related to the QRP world.

And also the “grand banquet” on Saturday night with many prizes and awards! I hope to win another one this year! ūüôā

Hope to see you there !


Jeff | VA2SS

Dayton Hamvention 2016


Again this year, for the 7th time, I will attend the Dayton Hamvention 2016 on May 20th to 22nd. I will meet many friends that I made from several years.

I will also really enjoy being there with the new products and new available toys… Hi !!


Hope to meet you there !


Jeff | VA2SS

I’m back!

tada-620x360.pngHi everyone,

I’m back online to share with the¬†amateur radio¬†community many of my experimentations. My favorite topics are of course the world of QRP, outdoor portable operation, digital modes, building electronic kits, building projects and¬†prototypes¬†using Arduino.

I also invite you to follow our friendly and opened group who are really involved in the futur of the digital communication world into the amateur radio, like Yaesu Fusion C4FM mode and much more. Our website is located at the address www.LABOENLIGNE.ca.

Videos will be posted time to time to make it easier to show you some experimentation results more in detail. All of them will be of course posted into the¬†LABOENLIGNE YouTube channel… Enjoy and follow us !!

Feel free and do no hesitate to contact me if you have any question or need further explanation on topics I’m sharing here in my blog.

My contact information about myself could be found on www.QRZ.com.


Best 73 !

Jeff | VA2SS