Elecraft KX2 Side panels from GEMS Products

Hi guys, I would like to show you the KX2 side panels from GEMS Products. An easy solution to protect this little transceiver. I made a short video to give some tips on how install the 2 side panels easily. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUNb0IDsAQA The left panel is straigh foward, but the right side is a little bit … Continue reading Elecraft KX2 Side panels from GEMS Products

KX Side panels…. already available!

The side panels for the KX2 from GEM Products are already available! As a proof, I already bought mine from Scott AK6Q, friend of mine. Again, a great product from a great company who really work hard to make the best quality. See the mark "RX I/Q" just disappeared! It is now a counterpoise connector. … Continue reading KX Side panels…. already available!