Using RUMlogNG for iOS with an Elecraft KX2 over Bluetooth [Part 1]

Hi everyone! It is not a surprise for people who knows me well, I am an addicted fan of all Apple products. I am also the kind of guy who is always searching for a way to get more of his gears and enhance the overall experience; especially for my iPad Pro! My project is … Continue reading Using RUMlogNG for iOS with an Elecraft KX2 over Bluetooth [Part 1]

End-Fed antenna revisited… again!

Well, I really hope all of you had a great summer so far? We had a great one here in Quebec this year. We had plenty of beautiful days with a lot of warm period to go out and play with our ham radio gears.... even also to renew with astronomy that I left behind … Continue reading End-Fed antenna revisited… again!

End-Fed antenna… a well performer!

As all of us know, there are plenty antenna solutions in books and on the market today. Many manufactures promise with unexpected and excellent results. But don't be a fool and too much attracted with these results, from time to time, the simplest antenna setup could be well enough, and also cheap to build. A … Continue reading End-Fed antenna… a well performer!

A tiny QRP Un-Un 9:1

As I would like to take the less space in my mobile arsenal in my next summer outdoor mobile operation, I decided to make a tiny Un-Un 9:1 for my End-Fed antenna based on the schematic published by the : EARC Emergency Amateur Radio Club The schematic can be found here CLICK HERE I only … Continue reading A tiny QRP Un-Un 9:1