BG5ROJ digital modem, a great solution for the digital enthusiast in the field

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Obtained years ago (look at my serial number 000A) from his creator BG5ROJ Xuan Wang, I recently brought back to life this marvellous piece of hardware, that is indeed a great portable solution for the digital enthusiast in the field.

The digital modem can encode/decode BPSK31/63, RTTY, QPSK and CW modes without a PC, specially designed for portable digital communication. With its internal high performance DSP chips can process radio data. The internal micro SD card can save regular logs and real time audio data including FFT data as well!

Its external USB host interface can be used for a USB Keyboard or keyboard using RF 2.4 GHz dongle. The modem uses AA batteries or 4.2v lithium battery for power, and it is firmware upgradable for futur enhancements and new features.

The operating manual, cheat sheet, and  the latest 1.04c firmware are 
available from my blog.


Have fun!

73 de Jeff | VA2SS


2 thoughts on “BG5ROJ digital modem, a great solution for the digital enthusiast in the field

  1. Hi Jeff.

    Can you put together a video on the setup and operation of the BG5ROJ modem? I bought one a few years ago and have never been able to get it to TX. I have all the necessary hardware and I’ve set up macros to operate. The red TX LED light on the 817 lights up for cw but I don’t hear the dashes and dots nor other digital mode TX noises. Also, I can’t seem to get the modem to certain frequencies. I like the miniaturization and functionality of the modem but it’s been such frustrating experience for me I’ve stopped using it.

    de k2mol


    • Hi Michael. Yes I might post a few videos on how to use the modem. Meanwhile, could you tell me which mode and how you were using. I will try to reproduce your operating scenario. Best 73 de Jeff | VA2SS


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