A nice kit to build, a versatile antenna tuner to have!

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Back in 2016 when I attended FDIM vendors night, a nice antenna tuner kit called 4S-Tuner picked my curiosity, and this is why I decided to buy one! Designed by David Cripe NM0S, it is very versatile, and will let you tune from a single wire to a convential dipole or end-fed antenna. No power needed, this antenna tuner is really handy in the field. Easy to operate, it will definitely contribute to your operation success without any doubt.

The assembly manual is really well written, clear explanation with step by step instruction, even for a beginner builder. You may take a look at the builder manual here from this link : kit builder’s manual

It is indeed a great building experience, from novice to expert!

You may use ladder line or coax… your choice! The footprint in your backpack is really nice too! I especially appreciate the fact that there is no power needed, and it is very safe to use, even for the beginner who would like to learn how to use a manual antenna tuner for the first time.

This kit is available for purchase from the 4States QRP group. More information are available at :  www.4sqrp.com

73 de Jeff | VA2SS