Using RUMlog2GO for iOS over Bluetooth [Part 4]

Hi! I finally received my own designed PCB today from PCBWAY. I’m now ready to progress forward on my prototype…. So I did not hesitate to begin right away.

I then proceeded to the assembly process by carefully taking my time, and to make sure that all components were properly installed. The final prototype result is beyond my initial expectation.I carefully did some basic tests before connecting the MAX3323 chip and the Bluetooth LE board, to make sure that capacitors, diode, transistor were not installed in the wrong direction…. Basic tests now done and successful, I installed the MAX3323 chip and the Bluetooth LE board.

I configured my Flex6400 with a FTDI USB to Serial cable, then attached my interface and applied power…. without having any flaw or bad white smoke!!

Now, RUMlog2GO can now follow the frequency of my transceiver. Note that at this moment, because FlexRadio does not “speak” CAT language, but a proprietary command subset, only the frequency tracking is working. But, when used with my Elecraft K3S, it is working 100%, QSY from the DX cluster window, band change, frequency and mode tracking, etc.. Everything is fully working!

More test will be done in weeks to come…. So, stay tuned for more information on my project. Thanks to Tom DL2RUM for his great help on this project.

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73de Jeff | VA2SS