Using RUMlog2GO for iOS over Bluetooth [Part 3]

Hi folks! Since my last post on this topic, many things changed here. I recently acquired a FlexRadio 6400 and a Flex Maestro. I was looking to enhance my remote experience , and I really think Flex is the way to go for my needs.One thing stay the same, I am still enjoying and using my iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen as my primary PC. I even prefer to use my “real PC” remotely from my iPad… Hi Hiiiiiiiiii β€ΌπŸŽ‰πŸ˜œ Haaaa…. it is only a “way of living” that gives me great challenge to solve.

Recently, I decided to bring back my CAT Bluetooth LE interface. I think it becomes more and more essential for me to finish this project and to have a solution to use RUMlog2GO as my primary log software. Tom DL2RUM is really amazing and helpful in my quest to find ans solve this challenge! Let’s say, having the attention of a software developper is really handy!

I finally created my interface PCB design using Fritzing app and sent my Gerber files for production at PCBWAY. At the moment I wringing this blog, the PCB production is finished and ready to ship to my location. I ordered 10 of these, so I will have a few to share with people who might be interested in my project.

This interface does indeed works with many transceivers using Kenwood compatible CAT subset commands, like Elecraft and FlexRadio.I will also include a bill of material, and all parts are easy to find on DigiKey. The PCB size is 5” x 7”.

Here is the PCB layout sample.

The PCB design is still very basic and not necessarily optimal. I let the proper space to hold the Bluetooth LE module from Adafruit. It should be very easy to assemble this project into a nice enclosure.

More to come when I will receive my PCB from PCBWAY.

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73de Jeff | VA2SS