My *NEW* DMR/FM VHF/UHF mobile installation

Hi, I just want to share with all of you my new mobile FM/DMR radio installation in My 2016 Hyundai Sonata Limited. The setup consist in 2 Hytera transceivers running on FM and DMR on both VHF and UHF bands. The VHF transceiver is a Hytera MD-652, and the UHF transceiver in a handheld PD782G using a Hytera car kit docking station combined with a 5W IN – 40W OUT DMR compatible UHF amplifier. The amplifier can be easily found on eBay at a cheap price below 120$ USD.

Both transceivers are connected to a duplexer, then to the Diamond dual band NMO antenna. We must admit that we do not have much space left in vehicule now, so we must take care to select proper equipments.

There are a few advantage to use the Hytera car kit. The handheld speaker microphone, the external UHF antenna, the external GPS antenna and the Hytera active speaker system  always stay connected to the car kit. This way, the operator only needs to sit the HT onto the docking craddle very easily and quickly.

The car kit charger keeps also the HT battery always fully charged at all time.


For the Hytera mobile, I am using a Hytera Bluetooth speaker microphone model SM27W1 to avoid the need to bring cables inside the car. The microphone holder can also charge the internal Lithium battery while it is in place on the microphone holder. An USB charging cable bring 5 volt when the mic is place.

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Both Hytera transceivers and the DMR compatible amplifier are installed inside the car trunk. This way, no fan noise in the car, no need to find a place and also by keeping the RF cable path shorter than possible to minimize the RF loss. Both are easily accessible to let the operator to program both transceivers when needed. The duplexer offer sufficient isolation for a mobile use.

I installed a 12V relay to control and turn on the amplifier when the car is in ignition position.

Have fun and stay tuned!

73 de Jeff | VA2SS