RFinder M1 Volume control using the hardware knob

We just received a great news yesterday in the Facebook group page for the RFinder M1 from Bob Greenberg W2CYK, RFinder M1 DMR volume can now be controlled by using the top hardware knob.

OK…This makes your knob work for volume of the radio! A bit complicated piece of code…watches for you to finish turning the knob for 1/2 sec then sets the volume according to the volume slider in the OS volume palette…volume slider disappears from front panel programming screen on M1…testing H1 next and then the K1…


The updated file RFinder6-17-360_test.apk can be easily downloaded from the Facebook Group page.

I strongly suggest interested users to visit the website to learn more about the RFinder M1 and all the potential this DMR transceiver offers to the Ham community.

The link to  is : http://androidradio.rfinder.net/

I will post more information on the RFinder M1 in my blog soon…. I’m still digging into it everyday…. a great DMR handheld so far!

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS