Elecraft KX2 *official* Firmware MCU 2.89 with FM mode added

Hi guys, a new official firmware version is now available for the Elecraft KX2 user!


There is the firmware notes revision :


  • ADDED FM MODE: FM mode can be used on any band, but it is intended for use with 10-meter repeaters (or 10 meter FM simplex DXing) as well as with external transverters. (For transverter band display setup instructions, see owner’s manual.) FM is considered experimental on the KX2 pending field test results.

FM Instructions:

FM mode can be enabled or disabled using MENU:FM MODE
To adjust squelch, tap FIL, then rotate the AF GAIN knob
To select +/-/SIMPLEX repeater offset, hold SPLIT
Set up repeater splits per-band/per-memory using MENU:RPT OFS
Adjust FM deviation using MENU:FM DEV
To adjust PL tone deviation, locate MENU:FM DEV, then tap ‘1’ (PRE)
To select PL tone, use MENU:FM TONE. Tap ‘1’ to turn tone on/off.
Note: 1750 Hz tone not usable at this time.

  • MIC REMOTE FUNCTIONS: These functions are being redesigned and have been temporarily disabled.

The firmware is now available by using the Elecraft software utility.

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS