RFinder M1 *NEW* Promiscuous mode and courtesy tone

We just received a great news this envening in the Facebook group page for the RFinder M1 from Bob Greenberg W2CYK, the new “promiscuous” mode for the M1 is in beta stage and seems to work great so far!

Screenshot_20171207-194837.pngWhen enabled, user can now receive DMR communication without the needs to enter a color code, talk group or even the time slot. So if someone would like to discover active talkgroup on a specific repeater, it is definitely a great add on !

The courtesy tone is also giving more feedback to the user when TX.

I strongly suggest interested users to visit the website to learn more about the RFinder M1 and all the potential this DMR transceiver offers to the Ham community.

The link to  is : http://androidradio.rfinder.net/

I will post more information on the RFinder M1 in my blog soon…. I’m still digging into it everyday…. a great DMR handheld so far!

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS