RFinder M1 Android/DMR/LTE [part 2]

The RFinder M1 uses a USB cable with a special propietary connector to charge and to communicate with a PC.  The cable that comes in the box with M1 is the one that hold itself securely on M1 using a small thumb screw, like we could see very often on business grade handheld like a Hytera or a Motorola. It is possible to buy a spare USB cable that stay connected to the M1 using a nice magnetic connector instead.

To all technical users, I’d like to share these two pictures showing the pinout for the proprietary connector. The first picture is the pin out when using the cable to charge or communicate with a PC. The second one is when the cable attached is an external microphone.

I will post more information on the RFinder M1 in my blog soon…. I’m still digging into it everyday…. a great DMR handheld so far!

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS