My VHF/UHF FM/DSTAR/DMR mobile installation

Hi, I just want to share with all of you my new mobile radio installation. The setup consist in an ICOM ID-4100 running on FM and D-Star on the VHF band, and a Hytera MD-652 running on FM and DMR on the UHF band. Both transceivers are connected to a duplexer, then to the Larsen dual band NMO antenna. We must admit that we do not have much space left in vehicule now, so we must take care to select proper equipments.

For the Hytera mobile, I am using a Hytera Bluetooth speaker microphone model SM27W1 to avoid the need to bring cables inside the car.

The microphone holder can also charge the internal Lithium battery while it is in place on the microphone holder. An USB charging cable bring 5 volt when the mic is place.

Both ICOM and Hytera transceivers are installed inside the car trunk. This way, no fan noise in the car, no need to find a place and also by keeping the RF cable path shorter than possible to minimize the RF loss. Both are easily accessible to let the operator to program both transceivers when needed. The duplexer offer sufficient isolation for a mobile use. The ICOM only works on the VHF band, and the Hytera only works on the UHF band.

I installed the ICOM ID-4100 transceiver controller head by using a homemade bracket made myself. I also use magnet to hold the controller in place, and it is easily removable.

I hope my installation will inspire a few hams… 🙂

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Have fun and stay tuned!

de Jeff | VA2SS