*NEW* Elecraft KX2 Firmware 2.81 / DSP 1.52 Final Release

Hi guys, a new official firmware version is now available for the enthusiasm Elecraft KX2 user !

There is the firmware notes revision :

  • MH3 MIC EXTENDED RADIO CONTROLS: See “KX2 Manual Errata A6-1” describing Remote Control Using the MH3 Mic.”
  • MH3 PTT DOUBLE-TAP FREQUENCY REPORT: Tapping PTT twice quickly reports the current operating frequency as 3 digits in Morse code audio. For example, if you’re on 14.285 MHz USB, the report will be “U 285”. This is useful in conjunction with MH3 extended radio controls (see above), as well as during mobile operation.
  • A KX2 owner’s manual errata describing set up and operation with the MH3 extended controls is available.

Updated 2017-11-13 : See E740282E KX2 Owner’sManErrata for more information.

The firmware is now available  *by using the Elecraft software utility.

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS