Elecraft AX1 Ultraportable 17/20 Meter Antenna System

Hi guys! I just received an email from Wayne N6KR a few hours ago related to a new antenna system that will be offered by Elecraft later this year. We really hope! At the moment, all specifications could change without notice, but it seems to be a brand new product that will be soon offered by Elecraft.

The AX1 is a dual-band (20 and 17 meter) compact antenna system based on an optimized 2-piece whip. It intended for use with lightweight transceivers such as the Elecraft KX2 an KX3 that are equipped with an internal antenna tuner. The AX1 can be configured for HT-style or right-angle use as shown below.

What type of operation is the AX1 designed for?

The AX1 is ideal for pedestrian mobile (/PM), where the radio is used hand-held (HT), or for lightweight “HF Pack.” It can also be used during table-top or trail-friendly (TFR) operation, thanks to the supplied BNC-L and anti-rotation bail. No poles, trees or other supports are required, so the AX1 can be deployed in seconds. 17 and 20 meters are excellent bands for this purpose. With 5 to 10 watts, moderately good propagation, and some patience, 1000 to 2000 mile contacts are commonplace, and DX contacts can also be achieved. We’ve made many contacts with Europe and Japan from Northern California using the AX1 attached to a hand-held KX2 or KX3.


The AX1 comes with:

  • 3” base/loading coil with male BNC connector and
  • counterpoise wire socket (for mini-banana plug)
  • rugged 44” telescoping whip with 3/8”-24 threaded mount; collapses to 6”
  • anti-rotation bail for table-top use
  • BNC-L adapter for table-top use
  • mini-banana plug for use with a counterpoise wire

We do not know yet when the antenna will be available for sell, but it will be presented at the next Pacificon’s antenna symposium tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 20th) by Wayne Burdick N6KR himself…. What a lucky audience!

The antenna FAQ sheet can be downloaded here in my blog :

Click here to download Elecraft AX1 FAQ


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Have fun and stay tuned!

de Jeff | VA2SS