Digital Modem from BG5ROJ… R.I.P.

UPDATE 2018.05.13 – FYI, I no longer support the BG5ROJ modem. Please, contact the manufacturer directly. Thanks for your understanding.


Hi ! I received a lot of questions related to this modem, but I would like to inform all of you of 2 things.

First, when I bought my Elecraft KX2 back in May 2016 at Dayton, I stopped using the modem and start using the Elecraft internal decoder for CW, PSK and RTTY. I also combined the use of the KX2 with the K-Board from QRP Works, that is indeed giving me a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Second, earlier this year, I was looking to use again the BG5ROJ modem, but, not so lucky I was, the modem died, I have never found why, and it never turned on again since that time.

To be honest, I do not have the skill to repair the modem, neither planning to buy another one. I’m still having my NUE-PSK as a spare digital modem, but did not use it either.

So, probably I will not be able to answer more technical question about the BG5ROJ modem. You will understand, as time go by, memory do so.

I really hope all people who having this modem or planing to buy one will have great time with it.

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Have fun and stay tuned!

de Jeff | VA2SS