WSPR…. Have you ever tried this mode ???

Hi all! Sorry for not giving you updates recently… quite busy at work!!

Have you ever try to use this mode ? Yeaaa… this is not for QSO, I know. But have you ever tried this mode for antenna testing purpose ??? All of you will be agree that testing an antenna system could be a very “qualitative” task. By having a software to to analyze and calculate the RX result at the other end could be a lot more effective with real and more trusted result.

I will not take more of your time for today… I will be back with some results…. but here a few for now.

Meanwhile,  for people who like to compare antenna system performance, and you are reading my blog, please really consider using digital mode to rely on credible results and reports…. Hi Hiiiiiiiiii ‼️🎉😜  

Switching an antenna system with an “A & B” antenna switch  and posting your qualitative taught on a Youtube channel… Please do remember that your ears are obsolete today, and more relevant technique exist.

See you soon !!!

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS