*NEW* Elecraft KX2 Beta Firmware 2.79

Hi guys, a new beta firmware version is now available for the enthusiasm Elecraft KX2 testers!

There is the firmware notes revision :


* SIDETONE VOLUME CAN BE SET LOWER:  MON=1 is now about 12 dB lower in volume than it was originally. MON=50 is about the same as the original maximum.

* AUTO-OFF TIMER RANGE IS 5 TO 100 MINUTES:  Auto-power-off (MENU: AUTO OFF) allows the radio to turn itself off if no controls are touched for the specified length of time. (The original range was 3 to 20 minutes.) If auto power-off is not desired, set the menu parameter to INFINITE (default).

* VFO A LOCK DISABLES COARSE VFO A TUNING WITH OFS/B CONTROL: This is intended to prevent accidental frequency changes due to touching the OFS/B control. As long as VFO A is locked, the offset-tuning feature will also be locked. (RIT, if used, is still *not* locked. RIT may be needed to fine-tune received signals even if the VFO itself is locked on a given transmit frequency.)  Note: Coarse tuning of VFO A using the OFS/B control is enabled using MENU: VFO CRS.

* FILTER BANDWIDTH & ULTIMATE ATTENUATION FIX:  Filter bandwidth settings ending in x00 Hz are now increased internally to x50 Hz to ensure excellent ultimate attenuation (stop band). For example, a setting of 400 Hz becomes 450 Hz. This is a temporary workaround for a DSP algorithmic issue with the x00 settings that will be corrected in a future release. Available bandwidth settings are now 50 Hz, 150 Hz, 250 Hz, 350 Hz, etc. These are entirely adequate for virtually all operating purposes.


The firmware is actually tested within a closed group for now, but it will be available shortly by using the Elecraft software utility.

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS