Using RUMlogNG for iOS with an Elecraft KX2 over Bluetooth [Part 1]

Hi everyone! It is not a surprise for people who knows me well, I am an addicted fan of all Apple products. I am also the kind of guy who is always searching for a way to get more of his gears and enhance the overall experience; especially for my iPad Pro!

My project is to build a Bluetooth interface and let me connect my Elecraft KX2 to my iPad Pro while using my favorite logger RUMlogNG To Go for iOS. At the moment, RUMlogNG To Go support only 2 methods to connect to a transceiver : Bluetooth or Piglet. (I know, this is a known iOS limitation to access external devices). 🙂

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I really do prefer a connection over Bluetooth for many reasons, but at first for energy efficiency. I like this logger app, even the MacOS version. It is a very powerful iOS app with a lot of nice add-on features like a versatile DX cluster, world map with grey zone, logbook import and export using Dropbox, and much more! The developper Thomas DL2RUM really pay attention for all feedbacks received from users. Cheers to Thomas! 🙂

I will use for my project the Adafruit Bluetooth LE interface. It is really a polyvalent  board, compatible with Apple iOS, that can be easily integrated inside all custom built projects. I bought mine at DIGIKEY store; their iOS app is also really cool! Everything is done using my iPad Pro. I am even writing this blog using exclusively my iPad Pro. Hi Hiiiiiiiiii ‼️🎉😜

I will also use a wide known and available MAX3323 chip for the serial communication between the Bluetooth board and the Elecraft KX2.

The project will cost under 35$ USD to build. I’m also planning to design my own PCB board and offer it as a kit. It will be almost a plug and play experience, easy to assemble to everybody!

More to come in my next post!

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS