*Update* Elecraft KX2 Beta Firmware 2.77

*Update* Elecraft KX2 Beta Firmware 2.77

There is an excellent note from Wayne N6KR related to the last beta firmware version 2.77 who also includes a few tips on how to manage the log feature.


When using the KX2 hand-held, logging may be difficult. The KX2 can now capture
up to 2048 transmitted characters, along with time, band, and mode, so you can
update a paper or electronic log later on.

To enable logging, set MENU:LOGGING to ON. Logging applies to CW (C), PSK-D (P)
and FSK-D (F) modes, and only when using the internal keyer. To take advantage
of time stamping, either set the time (MENU:TIME) on every power-up of the KX2,
or install a KXIO2, which includes a real-time clock powered by the internal

When logging is enabled, the DVR icon (above the S-meter) flashes slowly.
Outgoing text decode is turned on, allowing you to make sure you’ve sent call
signs accurately. If you fill the log, LOG FULL will be shown briefly, and the
DVR icon will stop flashing.

To review logged text, tap DISP and rotate VFO B to find the LOG display. The
VFO A knob can then be used to scroll through text. Time/mode/band are shown on
VFO A (e.g., “0023 C14”); text is shown on VFO B. Holding CLR erases the entire
log. To “dump” the log, send “LG;” to the KX2 via KX2 Utility’s Command Tester

Tips: To conserve space, use message buffers (MSG) to send CQs, name/QTH, etc.
Messages are not recorded in the log. To start/stop logging quickly, assign the
LOGGING menu entry to a programmable function switch (PF1-PF4).

Wayne Burdick, N6KR


The firmware can be downloaded from this link :


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