UPDATE: Elecraft KX2 heatsink from ProAudioEngineering

Elecraft KX2 heatsink from ProAudioEngineering

I finally found some spare time to install the heat sink. As for my previous side panels from Scott, I was already aware on how to disconnect the BNC connector easily.

Here a few pictures when I installed the heat sink side panel. The installation procedure was quite straight forward. Removing the BNC connector, applying thermal compound and reassemble the KX2 took me 10 minutes. So it is an easy upgrade to accomplish. The user manual also gives to the user advice on how to achieve with less trouble all necessarily steps.

Removing the BNC connector seems to be the real tricky part for most user. But you only need to take a sharp tool, and carefully release the red wire from the plastic connector. You will be then able to remove the BNC connector from the side panel. Be careful to not break the connector.

Applying the correct amount of thermal compound is essential. Adding too much will not be more effective, and can be even worst. If the compound is spreaded on other vital electronic parts, it could create serious issue.

When properly aligned, you are now ready to reassemble the KX2.

I will test the KX2 using digital mode in the field later this summer.

More information could be directly seen on Howie website at : ProAudioEngeering

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS