Leaving Dayton 2017 Hamvention

I had a great time again this year. I traveled this year with my two friends, Guy VE2BWL and Mario VA2EK, who was celebrating his 10th anniversary as a ham. 

The FDIM event was again this year a great opportunity for a get together with friendly people sharing many similar aspects of this great hobby… QRP, building projects, etc.  The conferences was generally interesting, especially the conference on the magloop antenna experience that brought a lot of discussion after the presentation with a few hams, especially with a friend of mine Milt W8NUE, who was very grateful with his clear and interesting explanation. 

The new location for the Hamvention was very well welcome this year. Hopefully, we did not get too much bad weather for that time of the year in the mid-west. Many food concessions were there, a lot more than in Hara location. Becoming familiar again with the new location, buildings and surrounding area was not an issue. Many vendors sharing similitudes were in the same area. I really enjoy this new location. Some aspects will be hopefully revised for later and years to come. 

Again this year, many vendors missed some good opportunities if they were having more stocks. But I have to admit that it is sometime difficult for them to predict which piece of equipment will be a hit during this event, other than new products of course. I saw many interesting pieces of equipment. The SDR world is getting more and more interesting and omnipresent in the ham radio world. I found only a few new items related to QRP and portable ops.  

I’m already planning to get there next year, again. 😁

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Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS