Elecraft KX2 heatsink from ProAudioEngineering

Elecraft KX2 heatsink from ProAudioEngineering

Hi guys, I finally put my hands on the new heatsink for the Elecraft KX2 from ProAudioEngineering… I am a big fan of their products. Again, it is a nice product well manufactured. When adding the heatsink, you can still use the lexan cover from GEMproducts. So, if you previously installed both side panels from Scott, you will need to replace the right side panel with the new one that now include the heat sink.

The installation procedure is already well known. But as a reminder, Howie also give you a well written instruction manual with a few hints on how to perform easily the heatsink panel installation. This is really a straight forward procedure, it could be done in minutes. But you should take your time and be careful. Removing such parts like the molded connector could be easily broken if not proper consideration is taken.

Priced at 60$ USD, it’s not free, but well designed. And knowing how Howie works for a few years now, you can be assured his product is the finest you can find to fit your needs with your Elecraft KX2.

More information could be directly seen on Howie website at : ProAudioEngeering

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de Jeff | VA2SS