Elecraft KX2 Beta firmware update MCU 2.69 / DSP 1.49

HardwareChipThere is an update of the beta firmware update that came out last November 1st 2016, MCU 2.69 / DSP 1.49 for the Elecraft KX2. Not much than some fixes on the previous beta firmware revision.


This firmware version is still in beta stage.
Click this link to get the beta firmware


Notes from the Elecraft web site

* PSK63 FIX:  DSP revision 1.49 corrects a problem with PSK63 mode.
* ALT MD MENU ENTRY IMPROVEMENT:  Some users found that the ALT MD menu entry didn’t switch modes consistently or cleanly. This is a long operation internally to the firmware, so the VFO A knob rate was slowed down (parameter adjust).

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Jeff | VA2SS