Elecraft KX2 «Go Box» from Thomas OE2ATN

I recently found that Thomas OE2ATN recurred and built another great «Go Box», but this time for the Elecraft KX2. What a great addition for people who like to have something very neat and compact in a small enclosure.

I’m still impressed about all the details he takes care when he is building his project. Everything is well sharp, and nothing is left aside. It is like an «art project».


The project use a water tight «Peli 1050» brand enclosure, the European version of the «Pelican 1050» from the well known company Pelican in the USA. I never verified the quality of the European version, but I assume the quality is the same because they are both from the same company holding using the same quality standard.

More about the company relationship: http://www.peli.com/eu/fr/about/our-story/

This kind of case is now very easy to find on the market. Elecraft KX2 deserves to have the best case! 🙂


There is 2 common questions people are asking him. More FAQ could be found on his website listed below at the of this post.

The right PowerPole is for charging the internal Battery. The original KX2 battery cable was connected to the switch and then runs back into the KX2.
So you can cut it from the KX2 and load the LiIo via the right PP. Of course on your own risk as Elecraft suggests to remove the battery while charging. My note on this solution: Do you remove your laptop / tablet / phone …. -battery while charging? Sure there might be different opinions now. In ON-position the right PP supplies the voltage of the internal battery – maybe for a little LED to have some light on the knobs or any other accessory.
The left PowerPole is connected to the 12V jack for an external supply on the KX2.

Heatsink and airflow I do not really care about heat because I´m not operating for longer periods (mostly on mountain tops) and I do no data modes. Just phonie and CW. Never had any heat problems with my old GoBox design, even when operating in direct sun for around half an hour.

I invite you to visit his personal website at the addresse below:


Thank you Thomas OE2ATN to share your project and idea with us!

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Stay tuned!


Jeff | VA2SS