Elecraft KX2 : The KXIO2 board installation

I finally received last Tuesday the KXIO2 addon board for the KX2. This board consist in adding 2 independant I/O ports and also a real time clock.

The two I/O ports could be set accordingly to your needs. By example, you could set port 1 to have an output signal to switch an external device, and port 2 could be set to have to activate an external relay controlling a remote antenna or even a remote switch. These two I/O ports could be also set and use on a “per band” basis.  See page 43 of the KX2 user manual for more details.

The process is well straight foward of course. Again, Elecraft instuction sheet are well written and easy to follow. It took me less than 5 minutes to install the board.

20160623_203505692_iOS 20160623_203513754_iOS

The first step is to remove the KX2 left side panel by removing the 2 bottom screws. The 2 other screws must be removed too, but they are not holding the panel in place at the moment. There is a 4 connectors header that contain 3 pins each…. the KXIO2 board will fit there.



Once the board is properly installed, the additional external I/O port is now visible on the upper right side of the KX2. Note that you must pry a little the KX2 enclosure to let the board fit in properly. When the board is properly fitted, you only need to put back the left side panel, but this time using all 4 screws…. just put aside the 2 nylon nuts… there are not needed anymore.


The next step is not turn “ON” the option KXIO2 board by going into the KX2 menu. You must set the parameter value from “NOT INST” to “NOR” for normal. Look for option KXIO2 into the KX2 menu. Then going to “TIME” option and set the correct time… see page 48 in the KX2 user manual for more details.

Note that you have also the possibility to improve the time accuracy by changing the “RTC ADJ” value. This value compensate for the “normal” error related to the accuracy of the circuitry used. You can read more about this feaure on page 47 of the KX2 user manual. In my case, I rarely use seconds…. so I let this as is for now.

That’s it! You have now 2 independant I/O ports and a real time clock inside the little jewel!

NOTE: This I/O port functionality has replaced the previous RX I/Q port found on early KX2 field version only. So, there is no way to use this port with a PX3 panadapter anymore… or at least at this moment. 🙂


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Stay tuned!


Jeff | VA2SS