Elecraft KX2 New BETA firmware 2.61 / DSP 1.46

HardwareChipThere is a new BETA firmware version for the Elecraft KX2 since yesterday. Here is a list of all improvements and bugs corrected.

As usual, I always like to test new firmware version, especially at beta stage.

KX2 MCU 2.60 / DSP 1.46, 5-11-2016


KX2 MCU 2.61 / DSP 1.46, 5-31-2016

* AUDIO-CW USER INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS:  The KX2 can emit CW characters when switches are pressed and knobs are turned, etc. For details, see the document, “Elecraft KX2 Physical Description and Audio-CW User Interface.” Audio-CW tones can be enabled in the menu (see MENU:SW TONE), or on power-up, by holding APF along with RATE and A/B. Release RATE and A/B first, then release APF. This sets the speed to 20 WPM. The menu entry provides more speed selections.

Here is the link the get the latest beta firmware.

I do agree that AF GAIN and MONITOR level was a little bit picky, and are now just fine. I would also like to see other level buton like the POWER level to be impoved the same way. Just bring it up at 10W always need a lot of pot turns…. 🙂

Download at your own risk… click here.

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Stay tuned!


Jeff | VA2SS