Elecraft KX2 How to adjust your SSB mic gain for the first time

Hi guys,

I did a quick video, especially for the new comers, on how to adjust to SSB mic level for the first time. The use of compression with the KX2 can help you out being heard without not much quality depreciation. Use it properly, and you will have a lot of benifit, and it will help you. Do not overdrive the ALC, you audio will just get distored. Keep you signal at all time inside the ALC level range as seen in the bar graph when transmitting.

So, as you can see in my video, the procedure is a little bit different than from a KX3. Mainly because the KX2 has a different form factor and some features and options has been moved to another location. But it is still quite easy. Get familiarized with your KX2… the learning curve is excellent!

TIP: If you are using QRP power level, make your audio sounds a little bit more high pitch than usual. Cutting the low audio frequency below 300 Hz will help you also by using the TX EQ found into the KX2 menu options. Remember, you need to be understand at low power level, so your communication audio must be optimized, and must be as clean as possible.

More videos will be posted in the next days!

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Jeff | VA2SS