Elecraft KX2 Decoding PSK31 Digital Mode

Hi everybody,

Like the KX3, the KX2 is also decoding very well digital modes, like the PSK31 by example. I did a short video to show you how it is easy to decode digital mode just by using the KX2 itself without any other hardware.

By listening to your signal, you only have to center the desired QSO by bringing the cursor mark in the middle of the meter scale, just like if you were trying to zero beat a CW station. Easy as 1-2-3, when the decode feature is then turned ON, the KX2 will start to decode the QSO and will then display the text on the KX2 display.

So, no need to have other piece of hardware. This make a very minimalist setup when operator who wish to be very light weight.

More videos will be posted in the next days!

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Jeff | VA2SS