Elecraft KX2 Side panels from GEMS Products

Hi guys,

I would like to show you the KX2 side panels from GEMS Products. An easy solution to protect this little transceiver. I made a short video to give some tips on how install the 2 side panels easily.

The left panel is straigh foward, but the right side is a little bit tricky because you must remove the antenna connector. The small cable can be easily removed by disconnecting it. You will also need to remove the red wire only from the plastic connector to be able to remove entirely the connector from the side panel.

My tip: Use a sharp tool, and by just pressing gently on the red wire connector, you will be able to remove it securely from the plastic connector, and by not using any iron solder.


Nice looking, and offer protection when you travel with the KX2, and also when you put the KX2 upside down by not applying any pressure on all buttons and the main knob.


I hope you enjoy!

See GEMS Products website at: http://gemsproducts.com/

Many thanks to Scott AK6Q for his really nice work!!

More to come soon. ..

Stay tuned.


Jeff | VA2SS