Elecraft KX2 – Inside the larger case with accessories

Hi guys,

I would like to show here how small the KX2 is and also what accessories you can also bring with you only by using the bag. The bag in the video is the larger one Elecraft is selling.


As you can see, in this bag, I was able to carry the following items:

  • Elecraft KX2 with the internal battery already fits in
  • Elecraft hand microphone
  • LNR End-FED trail friendly antenna
  • QRPWorks K-Board interface
  • QRPworks small USB keyboard with USB RF adapter
  • QRPworks cable to hookup with the KX2
  • BNC adapter for the antenna

All this in the larger bag that Elecraft do offer at the moment.

They offer two size of bag, a small and a larger. The smaller one can only handle the KX2 itself, even if you install later the side panels from GEM Products, it will still fit inside the smaller case.



But the larger case, can handle the KX2, but also many accessories, as you can see in the above pictures and in the video I added in my YouTube chanel.

my blog and my YouTube chanel.

More to come soon. ..

Stay tuned.


Jeff | VA2SS