The Elecraft KX2 met many new friends tonight at the FDMI!


It was the vendors evening at the FDMI tonight. Many vendors were there, and of course Elecraft was of course present.



We were able again to see and play with the new KX2 transceiver. It is very light…. compared to the KX3. Wayne N6KR told me that the antenna tuner is not the same as the one found inside the KX3. But because they remove the 160m and 6m band, the actual antenna tuner inside the KX2 is still as good as it should be…. so NO comprise here.


Whithout the FM and AM modes, the KX2 still a great transceiver that contain more than the essential needed on the trail.

Wayne N6KR also explained that the RX I/Q connector was on the field version only, and they did not keep this feature inside the KX2…. for a space consideration only. But, who really needs a pan adapter in the field??!! 🙂

The connector is now used as a counterpoise connector! A small banana plug adapter specially made for the KX2 is used when using the KX2 like a HT, like a handheld talkie. The operator just need to use a small HF telescopic antenna sold by MFJ, and add the proper counterpoise using this connector. Wayne N6KR showed us the way we can use the KX2 as a HT… it really looks like what we can see with walkie talkie in the army.


Tomorrow, Day 1 of the Hamvention….. Will need to wake up early, and be there early…. Be sure to follow my Twitter account for more live information… @VA2SS

Stay tuned!


Jeff  | VA2SS