A new born from Elecraft… The Elecraft KX2

It is not a rumor, as I received a few emails earlier this week about this great annoucement. This morning at the FDIM event, Eric WA6HHQ from Elecraft, showed to us the new born. All people there were very enthousiastic about this new transceiver that will become for sure the #1 SOTA transceiver in the next months.


I had the chance to play with it this morning…. an amazing transceiver. I will have more time tonight with Wayne N6KR to ask more about it. I will be able also to put a few pictures in my blog, and a short video that will be posted in my Youtube channel later tonight.

As I am part of these 2 events at the moment, I will keep you in touch with later details on this new piece of gear…. The Elecraft KX2.

For more to come really soon…. Stay tuned and follow me on my Twitter account @VA2SS


Jeff | VA2SS