New product from QRPWorks: K-Board

I’v been contacted by a friend of mine Shel KF0UR from QRPWorks this week about a brand new product that they added into their product line:

The K-Board!


The K-Board is essentially an external extension of an Elecraft KX3 or K3 that let the operator use a standard wired USB or wireless keyboard (via a USB dongle) with the transceiver. The K-Board will let the operator use the keyboard for sending pre-recorded macros.

The K-Board is hooked to the KX3 or K3 with a serial 3.5mm cable into the serial line RS-232 connector of the transceiver.

K-Board Operational Features

• For light and compact travel. It is our smallest and lightest product
• Only 3.4 oz (96g) 
• Size: 3.6 x 1.9 x 1 inches (92 x 49 x 25mm)
• View all commands with Help displayed on the rig
• Run K-Board on 9 volt battery or 8 to 15 volts DC


Go lighter and smaller!

Want to add a keyboard to your KX3, K3, or K3S?

Would you like to have message and rig control macro capabilities as well?

And keep it really small and lightweight?  

The K-Board is the answer! 

Shel KF0UR


For more information, take a look at

I am planning to feed with Shel KF0UR a LIVE  demo broadcast on Periscope at the Hamvention next week!

See my previous post on how to reach the live broadcast from your mobile phone.

Link below:

Stay tuned for more!


Jeff | VA2SS