Digital Modem from BG5ROJ: UPDATE on the SDR transceiver add-on board

UPDATE 2018.05.13 – FYI, I no longer support the BG5ROJ modem. Please, contact the manufacturer directly. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi everybody!

I received a good news from the BG5ROJ group earlier today.

The transceiver add-on board is still in progress, as well as the firmware needed to use all the new functionalities that the add-on board will bring with the modem.

Here a few words I received from the builder:

Now the hardware is ready, but the firmware for the modem to support this module is in programming. I think it will take at least 1 month.

from Elekitsorparts team

sans-titreSo, we all really hope that we will be able to try this new add-on board really soon. At least, I will be able to keep all of you well informed as soon as I receive mine for “Beta” testing purpose. I will, of course, do a full review on my blog with as much details as I can.

A few more words from the builder’s group that is keeping me very enthousiastic:

You will be informed when the TRX module is ready. We will send a unit to you for review.

from Elekitsorparts team

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Stay tuned guys…. more to come!!!


Jeff | VA2SS