Digital Modem from BG5ROJ: Record and playback a session

UPDATE 2018.05.13 – FYI, I no longer support the BG5ROJ modem. Please, contact the manufacturer directly. Thanks for your understanding.

I tried a cool feature with the modem recently called “Voice Recording Function”. To be honest, I’m not totally agree with the use of the word “voice”, because when playing the recorded file, you did not hear anything. My guess it is related to the translation from chinese to english. Hi! 🙂

But what this feature really do? When pressing CTRL-V on the keyboard, it will start recording on the micro SD memory card, all the signals received inside the signal window that has been displayed on the digital modem at that specific time. It will cover mainly ± 2.5 kHz of bandwith. The file stored on the memory file will have an extension .VOI. That type of file is associated with an old file format from the company Voyetra well known is the music gears world. But don’t be fool, I enver found a way to play all theses files created with the digital modem directly from your PC by using a software on Windows. All files will be located on the micro SD card inside a directory called : “REC”.


OK, but until now, how this feature could be cool??? Let me show why this sounds cool!! After you saved a few records, if you go into the MENU system, you will find an option called “Replay Voice REC”. By selecting this option, you will then see all recorded files you previously did with the modem.

20160422_124303477_iOS 20160422_124735465_iOS

You can also manage your saved files directly from the digital modem by selecting a file that you would like to delete by pressing the DEL key on your keyboard.

Here is a short video that demonstrate how to use this cool feature.

I really hope you liked it!

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Jeff | VA2SS