Digital Modem from BG5ROJ: Part 3 External and internal view

UPDATE 2018.05.13 – FYI, I no longer support the BG5ROJ modem. Please, contact the manufacturer directly. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi everyone,

Today I will show you in small video the external and internal view of the Digital Modem from BG5ROJ. The video consist in a small “guided tour” of all connectors and features we can find on the unit.

I will come back later this week with more videos and more explanations on the operational side of the modem: the decoding part, PSK, RTTY, etc. There also plenty of other features that will be also explained later, like the I/Q input using an Elecraft KX3, the audio recorder and playback feature, etc.

I really hope you enjoy this video.

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Jeff | VA2SS