End-Fed antenna… a well performer!

As all of us know, there are plenty antenna solutions in books and on the market today. Many manufactures promise with unexpected and excellent results. But don’t be a fool and too much attracted with these results, from time to time, the simplest antenna setup could be well enough, and also cheap to build. A project, this is what amateur radio is all about!

The End-Fed antenna is well known to be a good antenna choice for a fair result you could expect from it. Many of us use it for it’s ease deployment. It is also very easy ton build. The heart of this antenna is the UNbalanced to UNbalanced adapter with a transformation ratio of 9:1, commonly called an UN-UN 9:1. Take a look at my previous post for more details on “How to build an Un-Un”.

Link : https://va2ss.com/2016/04/07/a-tiny-qrp-un-un-91/

So by example, you could expect to bring down an impedance of 450 Ohm to 50 Ohm very easily. I will not talk about the loss and other consideration…. just keep all this simple please. 🙂 My actual End-Fed antenna setup consist of 35 feet of wire, called the radiator, and 25 feet of coax cable. The Un-Un is just in between. This antenna setup will perform well on band higher than 20m, let say between 20m thru 6m.

The antenna can be easily deploy vertical or diagonal. Mine is held by a 31 feet high fiberglass mast. Easy to setup, easy to deploy. For the radiator, I choose a 26 AWG wire made silicon coating. Why silicon coating? It will still flexible even in winter at -25°C. The coax cable need to be simply laid on the ground. Avoid letting the coax cable as a coil. Here the results I obtained when doing some tests earlier this weekend.
As you can understand, I did not use any antenna tuner to get these results. The adding of an antenna tuner will be only to protect to transceiver. The antenna tuner will not work very hard! It is important to understand that this antenna is also very broad. It covers the entire bandwidth of all bands from 20m to 6m below a SWR of 2:1, let’s say with a small exception on 15m band. I use this antenna since 2 years now. And I had many good results with it. Even when running QRP SSB with 10 Watts or less. If you are a CW guy or a digital addict, this antenna will give you many joyful moment! Have fun and let me know about your results if you try this antenna.
Jeff | VA2SS