NUE-PSK Digital Modem revisited

Since 2008, many amateur digital operators brought this little marvelous device into their portable arsenal. The NUE-PSK modem initially made and created by Milt W8NUE and George N2APB, and then David AD7JT joined the group a few moments later to add his own personal knowledge to the project.


This device still today perform very well and very few gears accomplishing the same digital tasks when operating portable exist on the market today. Now being said, the NUE-PSK modem had a great evolution since it’s creation. We are now at firmware version 5.03, and the device now support PSK, RTTY and CW. It could even be used with a CW key instead of the popular keyboard…. popular??? Not so as it was earlier back in 2008. Because today, it is difficult to find a keyboard that use a native PS/2 connector with the appropriate form factor, as it should be for the real portable use, let say, less than 7 inches large. It is another part time job to find one. 🙂 So if you already have one handy, please keep it, don’t sell it! 🙂 the one I have a the moment is too large… 11.75 inches. They are plenty foldable and smaller USB keyboard, but unfortunately they do not all work when used with an PS/2 to USB adaptor… they must have the PS/2 support chip built in.

The most popular transceiver companion for the NUE-PSK is still today the Yaesu FT-817ND. That is indeed almost twice old than the modem itself. The FT-817ND is definitely a all-in one transceiver than many of us really enjoy as of today, even if it has been outperformed by other like the KX3 from Elecraft.


20160401_190131081_iOS - Copie

For casual modem user, some of us developed a small keywords chart that operators add on their modem as a grateful reminder for all keyboard commands that exist and been added over the years. A must have if you are a casual user.

Also for most purest operators like me, making a good cable is usually an easy task for technical guys like many of us. But if you are like me, make a cable must meet a few requirements: appropriate cable length, cable color, quality cable connectors and cable identification using small label on both ends. I know, I know, I am a picky guy, but unfortunately, I’m like this. 🙂 Just imagine putting a small piece of tubing shrink on each leg of the mini-din connector… what a pain…. but also what a joy when everything is properly assembled. 🙂 Please, don’t laugh, I’m not alone like this, I know. 🙂


As of today, my taught is this modem is still in a solid position for casual or for more serious outdoor user. I could also add that it is again a nice solution for people less familiar with computer who would like to operate at home without the need of a computer and without the learning curve needed for a specific software.

Easy to install, the NUE-PSK modem is still a great and innovative solution that is aging very well. I’m very confident that we will still be amazed in the next years to come.

Photos - 0661Milt W8NUE, Myself VA2SS and George N2APB at Dayton Hamvention in 2008

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Jeff | VA2SS