A tiny QRP Un-Un 9:1

As I would like to take the less space in my mobile arsenal in my next summer outdoor mobile operation, I decided to make a tiny Un-Un 9:1 for my End-Fed antenna based on the schematic published by the :

EARC Emergency Amateur Radio Club

The schematic can be found here

I only took a smaller T68-2 core and a smaller wire gauge…. a smaller of everything. The wire lenght I use for the antenna is 35 feet of 26 AWG flexible silicon coating wire and 25 feet of RG-174 coaxial line. Tiny Un-Un, tiny wire and tiny coaxial cable…. but not tiny results !! 🙂


Until now, this Un-Un 9:1 perform well as expected on 20m band and higher. A longer antenna wire will be tested later.

A very tiny Un-Un 9:1 that can handle QRP power less then 20W PEP.



For building instruction, I invite you to take a look at their schematic from the link I provided at the beginning of this blog.

All the credit goes to the EARC Emergency Amateur Radio Club.

Nice job guys !


More information will be provided later with further test results. I will do a comparaison between the original design and the tiny version. I will use a RigExpert AA-600 to plot a few graphs on how do they react between them.

Stay tuned !


Jeff | VA2SS